Piloting the development of community-based tourism as an adaptation to climate change in the Portland Bight Protected Area

Western Portland Bight is one of the most vulnerable parts of Jamaica to climate change, with a recent history of severe hurricane damage and storm surge. Models of sea level rise suggest that the coastal wetlands are likely to be severely impacted. area has always been one of the poorest in Jamaica, with livelihoods largely dependent on fishing and sugar (Figure 3). The decline in the sugar industry has been paralleled by a collapse of fish stocks, leaving the citizens of the area increasingly marginalised, with few options for sustainable livelihoods. The area is scenic and has many undeveloped options for tourism. C-CAM has developed detailed recommendations for development of boat tours from Salt River (see Appendix 1) as a means of diversifying livelihoods and reducing dependence on fishing, which is particularly vulnerable to climate change and increase support for conservation of mangroves and coral reefs.

Project Activities

1. Developing partnership with boat owners

2. Retrofitting boats with canopy & padded seats for visitors

3. Providing safety gear – flares, life jackets

4. Obtaining Licensing (boats), permits (site, NEPA, TPDCO), insurance

5. Acquiring certified training – First Aid, CPR, Coxswain, Team Jamaica, Tour guiding, Script as well as flora & fauna.

6. Marketing of services to include website, FB site & printed material

7. Stakeholder meetings- Portland Bight Tourism Council

8. Hire Coordinator

Project Objectives


Project Outputs


Funding Source(s)


Executing Body


Cost of Project


Stakeholders and Beneficiaries

Boat owners, fishers & other community members


We are seeking funds to replicate in other areas of the PBPA. This is a simple model which allows for development of alternative livelihoods which will directly benefit the community.

Long term Sustainability Strategy

Seek additional funding to expand programme, market the services to locals & foreigners to increase customer base.


Fishers in Salt River & Mitchell Town