Institutional strengthening for C-CAM and management planning for Hellshire Hills and Portland Ridge Sub-Areas

Funding from CEPF to the Caribbean Coastal Area Management Foundation (C-CAM) supports the development of two participatory management plans for the Hellshire Hills and Portland Ridge KBAs through collection of baseline data, identification of high priority conservation actions, establishment of a monitoring program for endangered and endemic species, consultation with key stakeholders involved in management planning and strengthening of C-CAM’s institutional and technical capacity to build its conservation leadership. Furthermore, approaches to fostering climate change adaptation will be assessed and recommended.

By involving local residents and stakeholders in the management planning for Portland Ridge, C-CAM has established relationships with communities reliant on the critical natural services that the KBA provides. Since Portland Ridge is a multi-use area, a socioeconomic assessment is expected to show exactly who is using the area and how they are using it. Direct threats to the KBA include human disturbance for housing, slash and burn agriculture and the harvesting of wood for conversion to charcoal for cooking and/or fuel. To minimize these threats, C-CAM is determining how to work with locals to make their activities more sustainable through alternative livelihoods.

For more information see article at the Critical Ecosystems Partnership Fund Blog.

Project Reports

Socio-Economic Baseline Survey of the Portland Bight Protected Area (PBPA): Report Part 1 – The Hellshire Hills Dry Forest

Socio-Economic Baseline Survey of the Portland Bight Protected Area (PBPA): Report Part 2 – The Portland Ridge Dry Forest

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Critical Ecosystems Partnership Fund

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Critical Ecosystems Partnership Fund