Columbid Gamebirds Management

The PBPA includes some of the most important areas in Jamaica for hunting of gamebirds. These birds are hunted in specified areas based on anual agreements with landowners and include the Whitecrowned Pigeon, White-winged Dove, Zenaida Dove and Mourning Dove.

The PBPA includes 5 Game Reserves as well as two forest reserves. Some areas, such as the Brazilletto Mountains, have seen a drop in the population of gamebirds, due to overhunting and a decline in the quality of the birds' natural habitats. The Columbid Gamebirds Management Programme aims to increase the size of gamebird populations in problem areas and ensure the overall sustainability of the resource.


Some areas, such as the Brazilletto Mountains, have seen a noticeable decrease in the size of their gamebird populations. This is mainly the result of:

  • declining habitat quality due to misuse of forest resources
  • excessive hunting of gamebirds due to inadequate enforcement of hunting season regulations

Ongoing Measures

  1. Habitat Restoration
  2. PWD and Jackson’s Bay Gun Clubs have been controlling access and planting feeding trees on Portland Ridge. As a result, the gamebird populations seem to be stable in that area,. in contrast to the Brazilletto Mountains).
  3. Research
  4. At least one researcher has prepared a thesis on the theme of gamebird management in the PBPA Training: C-CAM and other stakeholders held joint training workshops for HGWs. C-CAM developed training materials.