Biodiversity Conservation Programme

Most of the PBPA is either being used or is of great utility to people, but the PBPA is one of the most threatened protected areas in Jamaica. It is C-CAM's belief that any approach to managing the PBPA should aim at protecting the biodiversity and natural services of the area while increasing its contribution to the local economy and the quality of life of residents and visitors.

A panel of experts selected nine conservation targets to represent the full array of plants, animals and ecosystems found within the PBPA. Targets were telected based on rarity and global conservation status among other factors, but representativeness was one of the major ones. The experts assumed that improving the status of these targets would benefit the biodiversity of the entire PBPA. Conservation planning was carried out using a participatory aproach, which means that stakeholders were consulted throughout the planning process


Each conservation target has its own specific issues, but the general problems affecting conservation targets fall under five major categories:

  1. Resource Management
  • poor management of water resources
  • poor fishing practices
  • charcoal burning and harvest of posts and sticks
  • illegal hunting and collection of natural resouces
  • Climate Change & Natural Disasters
    • hurricanes and storms
    • sea level rise
    • increasing temperatures
    • flash flooding
    • changes in rainfall patterns
    • fire
  • Unsustainable Development
    • expansion of housing and urban areas to unsuitable areas
    • expansion of industrial areas to unsuitable areas
    • fish and shrimp farms
    • badly sited quarries, quarry zones and infrastructure
    • poor agricultural practices
    • shipping lanes
    • expansion of unsustainable tourism and recreation
  • Waste Disposal
    • water pollution
    • solid waste
  • Invasive Species
    • invasive alien species

    Ongoing Measures

    Each specific target has its own measures.